Philosophy Shop is the brainchild of Michael Picard. It features philosophical products and services he has to offer. Try out or purchase audio philosophy (interview programs), check out his first book or other writings, and learn about applied philosophical services, like counseling, consulting, research and education.

For twelve years, Picard was host and moderator of Cafe Philosophy, a weekly public participatory dialogue and community of minds in Victoria, Canada. (Visit Cafe Philosophy)

This is Not a Book

OVER 70,000 SOLD WORLDWIDE! Translated into 5 languages!
This unbook serves up philosophy in bite-sized adventures, in two-page spreads that present philosophy's puzzles and problems, pipe-dreams and paradoxes. The big questions about Knowledge, Values and Reality are dished out in the first three chapters, and left open for the personal and shared reflections of readers. The final chapter lays out first principles of logic and takes a brief but steep tour through the endless problems of infinity.

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